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Powered Up: Energy Companies Drive Economy

The Energy Capitol of the Nation is not just a slogan. Here are the facts:

  • Campbell County supplies 10.6 quadrillion BTUs of energy, or 10 percent of the United States energy needs—more than Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iraq and Nigeria combined.
  • The county mines more than one-fourth of all American coal from the Powder River Basin—coal produces 50 percent of the nation’s electricity, and more than 40 percent of that is produced from Wyoming coal. Virtually 99.99 percent of all the coal produced from the mines in the Powder River Basin goes to power plants in 36 states to generate electricity.
  • The main reason Powder River Basin coal is in high demand today is because it is low in sulfur, which equates to very low emissions.
  • An average of 85 coal trains move coal out of the Powder River Basin daily, and each train carries about 15,000 to 20,000 tons of coal. The trains consist of 115 to 140 coal cars, and are over 1.5 miles long!
  • In 2009, Campbell County produced more than $3 billion of surface coal, $340 million of natural gas, and more than $293 million of crude oil, as reported in the Wyoming Department of Revenue 2010 Annual Report.  
  • Wyoming ranked seventh in production of crude oil and second in natural gas production during 2010, with Campbell County its leading crude oil producer, as reported by the Petroleum Association of Wyoming.
  • For fiscal year 2010, the oil and gas industry’s share of property tax for the state of Wyoming in Campbell County was 17.05 percent, as reported by the Petroleum Association of Wyoming.

Entrepreneurship Encouraged in this Growing Business Climate

Small and minority-owned businesses are a vital and thriving contributor to the Campbell County economy and the community. The Chamber has more than 600 members, and more than half of those members operate small businesses with no more than five full-time employees.

Consider the possibilities...

  • Low operating costs, property tax, and worker’s compensation rates
  • No corporate state income tax, equipment sales tax, manufacturing tax, personal state income tax, state inheritance tax
  • Outstanding quality of life
    • Low crime rate
    • More than 250 days of sunshine
    • No traffic jams or smog
    • Room to expand

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Wyoming has long been recognized as one of the best states in the U.S. to start, expand or relocate a business. It consistently ranks in the top five nationally for having a business friendly climate while placing an exceptionally low tax and regulatory burden on business owners. Visit the following organizations for more information and assistance expanding your business or relocating in Campbell County or Wyoming: