Gold Gift Certificate


In 2014-2015, your Chamber helped keep more than $387,900 in the local economy via the Gold Gift Certificate program.

As part of your membership in the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber members in good standing can accept Gillette Gold Gift Certificates as payment for goods and services. Accepting and redeeming the certificates is free and easy! Gold Gift Certificates are just like cash – the funds are guaranteed. When a certificate is presented to your business as payment, treat it like you are receiving cash and offer change back to the customer if the dollar amount exceeds the purchase. Each certificate has an expiration date printed on the front – certificates should not be redeemed if they are expired. Certificates received by the merchant are deposited just like a check so it’s quick and easy to manage.

Gold Gift Certificates are a great way to say thank you, congratulations, happy birthday or to celebrate other milestones such as safety awards. They are available in denominations from $5 to $100 and the cost to purchase the certificate is face value plus a .25 cent per certificate fee. The certificates are printed when ordered and can include the recipient’s name and a memo, if desired. Certificates are good for 18 months after purchase. To order Gold Gift Certificates, contact Gail at or 307-682-3673.

A list of merchants who accept Gold Certificates is given with each certificate so the recipient knows where the certificate can be redeemed. You can view the list of merchants here If your business is not listed and you would like to be OR if your business is listed but shouldn’t be, please contact Gail at or 307-682-3673.